VINYL FENCE - $$$/$$$$

Vinyl fencing is a beautiful, maintenance free, alternative to wood, or metal fencing.

It is durable and permanent. High grade vinyl will never fade, rust, rot, or look old. With vinyl, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your fence or settling for a yard that looks old and run down. It’s low maintenance due to never having to repaint, or repair a faded, rotted, chipped, or rusted fence. There are many elegant styles to choose from, and this type of fencing makes for an affordable, high end upgrade to your home.


These are the in stock styles:

*many other styles available

Illusions Privacy Fence

Heights: 6′
Colors: White, Beige

Illusions Privacy Fence

Heights: 6′

Colors: White

Illusions Contemporary Picket Fence

Heights: 4′

Colors: White’